Close to a Meltdown

Posted by Connie on Sunday, August 26th, 2007 at 11:37 pm and is filed under Family Life, Healthy or Not.
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This has a been a week, a really tough week. I’ve slept a lot but fitfully. I’ve had ptsosis (drooping eyelid), muscle twitching, the RA acting up as well as the Fibro. I have this darn inflamed nerve on the bottom of my foot that with rest, wearing sneakers, even at home (yuck, I wanna go barefoot!) and taking Meloxican daily instead of every once in a while hasn’t cured it. It’s even made my ankle and shin hurt (oh boo hoo).

So let’s add to it, why don’t we. I have tons of eBay items in the office aka the eBay Monster all over the place. I have paperwork for my health insurance piled up and then the SSDI payee form to do, bills all over so I can’t find anything on my desk at all.

Now some more, you know you want more. My Uncle who is under the care of my Mom is in the hospital. My Mom is his guardian. She is 78 and has her own health issues and is overwhelmed. He was sent home and then re-admitted. He’s had the beginning of Alzheimers but it hasn’t been so bad. But now he’s hit the wall. He’s totally confused, pulling out catheters, IV’s, and getting out of hospital beds.

Mom is Denial, big time. So I can’t keep my right eye open, can’t keep either eye open because I’m so tired and can barely move. But this is all on me now.

I can’t handle it. I want to run away from all of it. I want to scream, hit things, but I can’t. I’m too tired. That stinks. Ever been too sick to show your anger? That’s a real low for me.

Tomorrow my Uncle has surgery. Pray for him, my Mom, me, my hubby who is about to lose it too and our whole family. Another Uncle is coming in so that he can help get things in order. Thank God!

Signing out for now….it’s sleepy time for me.

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  1. I’ll say a little prayer for your family. I’m so sorry that things are difficult right now. My best wishes to you – Andie.

    comment by Andie (APWearsPink) — August 27, 2007 @ 10:43 am

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