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Posted by Connie on Friday, November 16th, 2007 at 12:15 am and is filed under Healthy or Not, Loving Life.
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With so many medical conditions, so many prescriptions and so many medicines I can’t take because they can be life-threatening, remembering all this information in an emergency is highly unlikely.

Having a medical alert bracelet is not only logical but life saving for me. Wearing one when I’m not feeling well can keep me safe at home when I’m in the checking the laundry or even taking a shower.

When I was very sick and home alone with my baby my fear was if something happened to me, something would happen to her. If I couldn’t call 911 then we’d both be in trouble.

Direct Alert is perfect for children, seniors or anyone with medical problems. Having a device in your home that allows you to press a button on your bracelet or on the control panel in case of an emergency is the answer to the safety issues of so many people. It’s not only for people who live alone but for those of us who are alone long parts of the day.

Knowing that the push of a button (even if I can’t speak) will send me medical help gives me a sense of relief. Feeling safe and secure at home relieves me of stress and anxiety. Direct Alert will also give family members of people with health issues, especially those who live long distances away, feel better about their loved ones’ safety too.

The installation of the Direct Alert System is free. The costs are not prohibitive and even some insurances may cover the fee. The equipment is made by top companies known for their quality. This is just what the doctor ordered. Can you put a price tag on safety?

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  1. We have been contemplating getting an alert system for my sister in law. She is only 30 and has a 18 month old. Last year she had a stroke from bacterial endocardidtis and it has caused siezures. She is alone for part of the day and we worry about her and the baby. It is nice to hear that you feel better with the sustem at home.

    comment by cheryl — November 28, 2007 @ 8:46 pm

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