Gearing Up – December

Posted by Connie on Tuesday, December 4th, 2007 at 10:18 am and is filed under Family Life, Loving Life.
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Is it December already? It can’t be. Please someone turn back the clock, the calendar, the earth. I’m not ready, not even close to being ready. I’m starting to feel that anxiety when there’s too much to do and you can’t even figure out where to begin.

I’ve tried “to do lists” but they kept getting too long. Writing everything out on a calendar gave me panic attacks. And talking to Hubby about it does nothing. He’s so calm. He just says that it will all work out. Of course it will. The days will keep on coming and events will keep on happening but does that mean I’ll have anything ready?

Breathe in slowly…oh no where’s the new Christmas ornament I put in that place I said I’d remember?…think of a warm beach with the ocean waves flowing…how can we decorate when the house isn’t even finished being painted?…take a Klonopin…we’re losing a precious weekend due to Lady Ali’s graduation, not that I don’t want to be there and that I’m not proud, but a whole weekend!….remember the Real Reason for the Season….my first outdoor manger is set up. We have our plans for church. Peanut is really “getting’ it this year.

Jesus is the Reason for Christmas

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