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Posted by Connie on Monday, December 24th, 2007 at 11:29 pm and is filed under Blogging Community, Loving Life.
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I have been very fortunate this Christmas. For the first time in years I haven’t had to put our Christmas gifts on credit. Nope, they’re paid for right out. And this is thanks to Izea also known as Pay Per Post. I’ve been doing paid posts on my other blog Brain Foggles since the end of September.

This blog was recently accepted by Izea so I can make some extra money here too. Because of this opportunity and the season of giving a fellow postie, Mama Bok started a discussion on Izea’s community board about giving something back. She suggested that we make a donation in the name of Izea to a charity. How awesome!

Soon Izea agreed on Habitat for Humanity as it’s chosen charity. You can donate online here. Now remember fellow posties, if it weren’t for Izea what would you be doing without? What has this company made easier for you? And now think of this charity. Habitat for Humanity builds homes for people who need some help getting financially.

These homes are not given away. Instead, the family moving into the home trades “sweat equity” which is time and effort to help build their home. Habitat also helps when and where there are hurricanes, earthquake, etc. and in Third World Countries.

Please donate by the end of this year. Put your donation in Izea’s name if you’re a Postie. If not do it for yourself. There’s nothing like giving to make this holiday season feel even better.

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  1. Awesome post..! and thank you very much.. both for donating..and
    also for this wonderfully written post.. :)

    Mama BoK’s last blog post..Season Greetings

    comment by Mama BoK — December 25, 2007 @ 1:30 am
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