What Did You Say?

Posted by Connie on Saturday, January 5th, 2008 at 2:53 am and is filed under Family Life, Loving Life.
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How do dentists, their assistants and dental hygienists do it? How can they understand a person when their mouth is either wide open, full of dental tools and hands or numbed?

I guess it’s part of the job description. Or maybe it just becomes a skill you learn as you work in the dental field. I got to see this skill in action the other day. And I was really impressed.

Peanut had oral surgery. She had to have a baby tooth removed that was under the gum and preventing her molar from coming in. The tooth was lodged in there pretty good because the dentist had to cut it into four pieces before he could remove it.

Of course it was traumatic for Peanut (she actually did well in a Valium haze) and for Hubby and me. The worst was seeing them put her IV in. I have a new found respect for parents of children who are really sick. My faith tells me I could handle it, but wow it would be the most difficult thing I’d have to do.

Any way, Peanut was done and they were trying to wake her from the anesthesia. It was taking a while. When we got in there to see her. She was crying and talking. She was talking a lot. She had gauze in her cheek as well as a numbed side of her face. But the nurse or assistant was talking back to her. Peanut would say something to me or Hubby and we’d look at the woman to translate.

I look back on it now and it was hilarious. Here we are her parents and not understanding a word she said. Thank goodness she feel asleep on the way home and then most of the day. I’d hate to ask her, “What did you say?”

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  1. Haha, I guess they are so used to that mumbled talking. :lol:

    I had take all four wisdom teeth out on one visit when I was her age, you know.

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