Working From Home When You Are Sick

Posted by Connie on Saturday, March 22nd, 2008 at 2:26 am and is filed under Blogging Community, Chronic Illness, DisABILITY Advocate, Shopping.
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If you have a chronic illness or a disABILITY it is quite possible that you may not be able to work. I was in that position when I was terribly sick from the five autoimmune diseases I have plus anemia. The anemia was so bad that I had to get Iron through an IV on a weekly basis.

Now that I have the major chronic illness, Myasthenia Gravis under some control and I no longer am anemic that badly I work from home. I only work a few hours a day and if I’m not well I don’t work at all.

I’ve had to learn many things about working from home as a professional blogger. One of the most important things is marketing. I am a member of many social networks online and have placed links to my blogs every where I can.

Another way to market yourself is by using business cards. Professional bloggers hand them out to friends and family, to fellow bloggers at conventions and of course to advertisers. I learned about a site that not only helps you create your own business card but a logo design too.

Branding is also helpful in marketing. You want people to recognize you by an image or photo. Having a logo and business cards that incorporate that logo kills two birds with one stone.

The site was simple to use. It has a demo video to get you started if you need some extra help with the easy to follow directions. The whole process took me about 5 minutes to complete. It would have been shorter but I kept changing my mind about the logo because there were so many choices. I’m fickle, what can I say?

The finished product looks so professional. I was very pleased with my work, OK the site’s work. Here’s a look at what I would go with as this is a health blog: business card

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  1. Being able to work from home when you are sick and at a pace you can maintain is easier. The business cards do look so professional.

    Shirley’s last blog post..Random Act Of Kindness

    comment by Shirley — March 22, 2008 @ 5:03 pm
  2. Well, I’m not sick or anything but I’ve been working from home for almost five years now.

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    comment by Melo — March 23, 2008 @ 2:51 pm

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