What Doesn’t Hurt?

Posted by Connie on Sunday, October 26th, 2008 at 9:03 pm and is filed under Healthy or Not, Loving Life.
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It would be in your best interest to ask me where I don’t hurt. It’s been almost one week without Humira and instead of taking it easy like I should, I’m overdoing it as usual. In fact if my doctors knew what I was doing, they’d sit read me the riot act.

So let’s go over what’s been happening with me – I had a stomach virus for a little more than a week, then got sick with some other kind of an infection, got put on antibiotics and was told to rest and drink plenty of liquids.

What have I been doing? Staying up late, cleaned out the office, sat in this darn office chair for hours working on my blogs and I even did some (wait, make sure you’re sitting down…) housework. Yes, the Queen of Unclean, even cleaned one of the bathrooms. It was quite funny to see Hubby’s face.

I did have to rub it in after I did it and tell him that we needed to finish upgrading the bathroom and that I chose some Grohe faucets for this task.

After all this, I’m paying for it and hurting, everywhere..when will I learn?

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  1. Connie, if you’re like me the answer to your question-”will I ever learn” is probably never. I’m so sorry you are feeling lousy and in tons of pain.

    I can one hundred percent relate to your “want to do it anyway” attitude.

    We want to live, participate, do…despite the obstacles our bodies set. It is hard to give into our struggling bodies, rest and be. No fun either!

    I think I will always be learning to listen to my body, and always fighting it too. For me it takes my body literally stopping me.

    Congrats on the clean bathroom! Cleaning a bathroom is like climbing a mountain when you’ve got the conditions you do Connie. You seem like such a fighter and that’s why despite all your physical challenges you manage to keep up blogging, a business and encouraging others.

    Unfortunately our bodies are fighters too and will fight us to give them what they need. So, again, I don’t think we’ll ever learn–but we’ll always keep trying.

    Hope your pain eases soon–Kerry

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