Holiday Shopping Made Easy

Posted by Connie on Saturday, November 29th, 2008 at 12:39 am and is filed under Loving Life, Shopping.
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Instead of actually going to the stores to see if I could get any of the Black Friday sale items I needed, I found a new way to save money but get those low priced gifts. I shopped online. It was easy and it was exciting too.

There was no need for me to wait out in the cold early in the morning, fight the crowds and then get frustrated to find that what I wanted wasn’t there. Nope. All I did was take a long nap after eating a big Thanksgiving meal. That’s a given anyway! Then I just stayed up very late online.

I had all of the product names with the stores ready. I had already signed up for a Black Friday newsletter which kept me up to date on when sales were starting, additions to sale items, etc. So I waited for emails to come in about when the stores sites would start the sales.

As soon as the email hit, I went to work! I got a lot of my shopping done in about two hours.  My best deals were a Disney bathrobe and pajamas for $12, a compact flash for under $20 and a special DVD for $6.

I plan on making this a yearly event now. For those of us who have trouble getting out especially when we know it will be crowded and hectic this is the way to get your shopping done easily.

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