Breast Cancer Research

Posted by Connie on Tuesday, December 9th, 2008 at 6:21 pm and is filed under Cancer, Health Information.
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Cryo-Cell International now partnered with the National Institutes of Health to research treatment for Breast Cancer using stem cells taken from menstrual blood.

Cryo-Cell is known for storing umbilical cord blood. It currently stores more than 160,000 cord blood samples. It is an established company known for its ease of use and for the education and care of patients. With this new venture Cryo-Cell is striving to help women in the future as it moves forward with brand new research into treatment options for Breast Cancer.

This research study is using magnetic resonance imaging also known as an MRI to track the stem cells in menstrual blood. This procedure is non-invasive meaning that there is no need for surgery of any kind. The stem cells are tracked even before they are in existence. This holds great promise for treating diseases.

I use Cryo-Cell to store my daughter’s cord blood and have been pleased with their service from day one. The information provided to me while I was pregnant and to my doctor helped me make the decision to use this company and go ahead with the procedure.

Learning that they are now working on treatment of a disease that is foremost on every women’s mind makes feel even better about Cryo-Cell.

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