Condoms And STD

Posted by Connie on Thursday, March 26th, 2009 at 9:01 am and is filed under Health Information, Health Supplies Equipment.
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Safe sex is a phrase we’ve heard time and time again. And we really need to take heed.  Sexually Transmitted Diseases are not going away. HIV, Gonorrhea, Syphilis are prevented by the use of condoms. Condoms offer limited protection against both HPV (human papillomavirus) and Herpes, but it is the best protection other than abstinence.

Of course condoms prevent pregnancy. Only 2 out of 100 couples will experience pregnancy with the use of condoms. Know how to use them correctly and use them consistently to avoid STD’s and pregnancy.

It’s easy and inexpensive to buy condoms. They are available without a prescription, can be purchased in stores an online for privacy. Condoms Online has been in business since 1996 and is the UK’s leading store for condoms. They offer a wide variety with low prices. Your purchase is shipped the day of your order and usually arrives within 2 working days in a plain package.

Discounts and free shipping are available for certain purchases. They site states that they are:

No. 1 For Price, No. 1 For Choice, No. 1 For Service, No. 1 For Discretion.

Be safe and secure. Use condoms every time and order them from Condoms Direct.

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