I Have A Brain

Posted by Connie on Monday, March 30th, 2009 at 10:07 pm and is filed under Chronic Illness, Health Information, Migraine.
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I went to the regular Opthamologist today. He wanted me to have a field vision study since the Neuro-Opthamologist saw the unusual blood vessels and I also learned that my eye pressures were high too. Neither one of us had the results of the MRI though. But I did pass the test, my pressures were back to normal and my eyes looked fine. We left off with waiting for the results of the MRI to know how to continue.

446px-brain_mri_nevitsvgWhen I got home later on, I had a message that the MRI was normal. Thank goodness. I do have a brain. I can say that it’s working pretty well unless I want to remember words when I’m speaking or writing, trying to add or subtract numbers, remember the date, my phone number, my husband’s name, and sign a check. It also has some trouble when it comes to penmenship which has turned to scribble, dialing the phone and setting my alarm clock.

Now I’m just waiting for the mammogram and ultrasound results and what we’re going to do about the migraines and eye pain. That’s nothing at all.

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  1. Sounds silly but congrats on the negative scan. Always good to confirm that our brains are actually there, especially when we doubt it sometimes.

    Aftercancer’s last blog post..To meat or not to meat

    comment by Aftercancer — March 31, 2009 @ 10:59 pm

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