Nurse’s Magazine Provides Info For Patients Too

Posted by Connie on Thursday, April 30th, 2009 at 7:47 pm and is filed under DisABILITY Advocate, Health Information, News.
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Since I have multiple chronic illnesses, I use the internet quite often to get information on health issues. This is not only for myself but for this blog so that I can help educate others on treatments, research and any health related news.

Scrubs is an online magazine for Nurses, but has many interesting articles for anyone interested in health, medical issues and patient care. The magazine is focused toward all stages of nursing, i.e. student nurses, novice nurses and experienced nurses. The posts also provide information on current events, like the Swine Flu, health issues, like weight loss, fashion, like beauty tips and news and entertainment, like movies and books.

The article, The Cafeteria Eater’s Guide, under the category Health and then Nutrition, gave me some tips on eating healthy when eating out when you’re in a rush. Some of the tips are: drinking water instead of soda, eating a real salad made up of a lot of vegetables and not much lettuce, with dressing on the side, and not getting a large order of anything unless it’s vegetables.

I especially enjoyed the article, Would You Accept an RN on a Scooter?, which described a nurse who began a non-profit agency to help other nurses with disabilities either return to nursing or find ways to continue nursing. Since I am a disability advocate, this post was my favorite.


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