Duane Burnett – Photographer and Volunteer

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Duane Burnett is a photographer who has worked in media. He lends his multiple talents as a volunteer for various causes. He is wiling to share his time and his soul, even though is going through a turmoil that most of us can’t imagine. Duane has multiple chronic illnesses as well as depression and vivid nightmares that are more like night terrors. This doesn’t stop him though. Although he is constantly fatigued, he continues lending a hand when asked and reaching out where he sees fit.

Duane was born in Ladner, BC and is currently residing in Sechelt, BC Canada. British Columbia plays an important part in his life and volunteer work. He worked as a photo journalist for the local community newspaper “which kept my mind off things and on purpose and in service to the community”. When he was let go from this job, it was heartbreaking.  This coincided with the loss of his four legged soul mate, Tundra, a Siberian Husky. Duane felt lost in the world and admits that he isolated himself. The depression became so overwhelming that he couldn’t work.

He is beginning to pull himself out of this now. He attended the Sunshine Coast Winter Olympics Torch Relay Celebrations where he took photos and wrote blog posts, and shared info on social media sites. He’s starting to get back in the game! His Facebook page is where he really gets things going. He shares about his latest triumphs, like being nominated for a BC Small Business CHAMPION of the Year Award. He also has a personal Facebook page, a Twitter Profile, and his Flickr profile where he shares his beautiful photos. He also has photographs for sale on Flickr.


One of the most meaningful things that Duane is doing is raising money for Tundra’s Accessible Dog and People Drinking Fountain. But if there’s a cause in BC, the Sunshine Coast, you can find Duane helping out and spreading the word. Even though he has been diagnosed with Depression, Sleep Apnea, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Nightmares and Social Anxiety Disorder, Duane wants to raise awareness and funds.

Here’s more information:

Duane Burnett is a community spirit award winning local photographer, photo journalist and actor who’s images have been seen extensively on the Sunshine Coast and around the world in numerous newspapers, websites, brochures, map guides, magazines and before the movie at the Ravens Cry Theatre. His photos are often front page each week in The Local newspaper. The Sunshine Coast has commented that Duane’s photography captures the “essence and spirit” of the natural world and community; that he is a photographer “extraordinaire,” “absolutely fabulous;” “bloody marvelous;” “magic;” and “a credit to our community.”

Though his scenic and nature photography is stunning, Duane is especially known for his ability to work with people. Duane brings out that special something in his shots of people that is unique to his work. He is part artist, creative director, tour guide, set director and entertainer. You’re guaranteed to have fun whenever he is present.

I’m inspired by Duane Burnett because he has that unique ability to get up when he’s down, even if that means he has to do it over and over. He shares his talents and gives of himself. His photography and volunteer work are well known in the Sunshine Coast. Let’s spread the word so they’re known even farther.

This is an ongoing effort to spotlight people with chronic illness, health issues and disabilities who are making a contribution in some way despite their pain, sickness, etc.

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  1. I am feeling very sad to know about Duane Burnett. But not only you even we are feeling very much proud of him and his energy level that he has that doesn’t let other people even suspect about the pain he is suffering from. This is a true motivational factor for the people who has lost the hope to live life.

    comment by Rhinoplasty — May 14, 2010 @ 7:47 am

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