Update on Gitelman’s Syndrome

Posted by Connie on Thursday, May 20th, 2010 at 9:45 pm and is filed under Chronic Illness, Health Information.
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Because of the continued issue with low potassium, I saw an Endocrinologist to get a second opinion on the diagnosis of Gitelman’s Syndrome. After going through a complete medical history and some medical tests, I do indeed have Gitelman’s Syndrome.

The good news is that this doctor is going about treating me differently than the Nephrologist. Instead of continuing to increase my Potassium he’s going to increase my Aldactone slowly. Hopefully I won’t need to continue to take Potassium at all.

I also had my Magnesium tested to see if that’s low. If it is, I’ll be taking supplements to get that in order. I’ll have more blood tests now to check my Potassium and Magnesium levels but I’m very hopeful that this lessen my fatigue, muscle cramps and Myasthenia Gravis symptoms.

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  1. I have had gitelmans since birth. My first episode we had with it was age three. After that no other er visits and no major episodes. Got more serious in my last year in middle school. High school got worse amd worse. Sick a lot. 2011 Feb 14th. I was officially diagnosed. 2010 we started tests. Took us almost a year to figure out. Been on meds for two years about 40-50 pills a day. And got to starting this year that I couldn’t keep big pills down. Couldn’t eat right. Alwasy got sick. Lost 10-15 lbs. Now have port a cath for 2 months. And I go 3 days a week for fluids of k and mag. Porta cath is getting clottedoff have to use a med to unclog it if they can’t. Then another surgery. I am 21 now amd can’t work. Which kills me. Batteling disability for about a year or more.

    comment by kaitlin atwood — March 14, 2013 @ 10:41 pm

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