Preparing For The Future

Posted by Connie on Monday, May 24th, 2010 at 11:07 pm and is filed under Chronic Illness, Family Life.
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There’s so much going on with my health as usual, that I’ve been preparing for the future. There’s good mixed in with the bad though. My daughter Alicia just got her Master’s Degree. My daughter Sammi is going to start middle school. My mother recently finished treatment for breast cancer. My husband got his own route at work, but was just in a car accident and hurt his neck along with his back problems that he already has.

Of course it’s better to focus on the good, but it’s important to prepare for the future too, even if it isn’t pleasant. I have a good example to look to – my parents. They prepared for their passing with a will and burial plans. My mother and father both bought Funeral Insurance.  When my Dad passed 14 years ago, all of his plans were made. It was a difficult time, but not having to worry about where he was to be buried and how to pay for it, made it easier.

Life Insurance is something that concerns my husband and me.  When my husband was in the military we both had Life Insurance, but we let the plans lapse when my husband was medically retired. Since I have chronic illnesses, it is too expensive for me to get Life Insurance.  We do need to consider it though, as it would be costly to replace me!  In reality it is. I take care of our daughter Sammi while my husband works and do other household chores as I’m able.  It’s time for us to start getting Life Insurance Quotes to see if we can afford it vs. what it would be like without it and something happens to me.  Maybe that will get my husband to recognize how valuable I am!

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