Health Information in a Heart

Posted by Connie on Saturday, November 13th, 2010 at 3:01 am and is filed under Health Information, Health Supplies Equipment.
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Imagine being able to keep all of your health information in a heart pendant? With your Very Special Heart™ you can. Your personal health record, including your medications, doctors’, contact and insurance information, prescription allergies, medical devices, diagnoses and conditions and your living will and health care surrogate forms, is stored using a usb drive in the pendant.


You fill out a form with the health information you want stored and it is transferred to the heart pendant. There’s even room for a dose of medication! You can wear the pendant as a necklace or use it as key chain. For men, there is a globe pendant. Besides your digital health record, you can add information such as your drivers license, passport and credit cards. This information will be password protected so you can decide who you share it with.


In order to obtain your PHR, a paramedic, emergency personnel or even your own doctor can easily access it by plugging the usb drive into a computer. You can also print your information if you wish to save time in filling out medical forms. Use this pendant if you have a medical condition, take numerous medications, have frequent changes to your medications, live in an area where natural disasters occur, etc. You can also use a Very Special Heart™ for children. Leave it with babysitters, keep their medical records up to date, and maintain health information if they have a medical condition. Useful for many people, having your health information in a heart is a new way to stay safe.

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