See Clearly For Less With The Merchants Discount Health Plan

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Although being able to see clearly is a priority, the cost of visits for eye exams, new glasses or constantly ordering contacts can be a road block to getting the proper help for someone’s eyesight. The Merchant Discount Health Plan (800-319-5243) offers valuable vision discounts, even breaks on LASIK surgeries, that are available at many vision care providers across the United States.

Save Up To 50% Off Chiropractic Services With The Merchants Discount Health Plan

After going to a participating provider for a free consultation through the Merchants Discount Health Plan, members will be able to save up to 50% off of services needed to alleviate chiropractic issues. On-site diagnostic services including x-rays are available to members at the 50% off rate. Members of the Merchants Discount Health Plan (800-319-5243) will save 30% on treatment and other services. For more information on this program, visit or call 800-319-5243.

Easy Access To Discounts By Calling 800-319-5243

Members can receive the discounts available through the Merchants Discount Health Plan simply by showing their membership card at the time of purchase. All providers in the program accept the membership card as validation of membership. Businesses and their employees are all entitled to the savings available through the Merchants Discount Health Plan. Also, any legal dependants of the beneficiary may receive the same discount services. For more details or to find a participating provider in a certain area, visit or call 800-319-5243.

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