Weight Loss Isn’t Easy

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I’ve learned the hard way that weight loss isn’t easy especially when you’re limited in your ability to exercise due to chronic illnesses. Although I’ve cut down on my calorie intake and walked, not being able to exercise on a constant basis makes it even more difficult to lose those extra pounds and inches.

A weight loss plan includes burning more calories than you consume and and some type of  physical activity in your daily routine. A good friend of mine who has Fibromyalgia, has been successful in losing weight. First, she saw her doctor to talk about her goals and got a check up. Next she included her rheumatologist in her effort. He was able to provide information on the kind of exercise that would be beneficial to her, especially physical activity that wouldn’t cause more pain.

Walking for Weight Loss

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Her exercise routine began with yoga and stretching. She learned to listen to her body. If she felt pain, she slowed down, massaged the area or stopped if need be. Next came walking. Being outdoors helped her to feel more positive. She saw people and said hello to them. Soon they became walking buddies.

Shortly after her walking increased, she joined a gym that her rheumatologist recommended. The trainers were familiar with Fibromayalgia and exercises that helped lessen pain and help with weight loss. Soon, she was doing more cardiovascular exercises. She alternated days with water aerobics.

She chose to follow common sense with her diet. She read about calories, fat, sodium and decided to eat more fruits and vegetables along with more fish and poultry. She included protein supplements to improve her metabolism and help regulate her appetite. As she changed her diet, she found it more appealing, finding different fruits she had never eaten before. Instead of potato chips, she ate carrot sticks with a small amount of low fat salad dressing. It seemed as if her taste buds were changing!

Within one month, my friend lost 10 pounds. She does not look at this as a diet or exercise program, but as a lifestyle change. She’s an inspiration to many!

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  1. Indeed, weight loss is not as easy as it seems, it takes a lot of effort and even a lot of common sense and self control.

    comment by Peny@embroidery digitizer — June 21, 2011 @ 8:38 pm

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