Why I Write About My Health #HAWMC

Posted by Connie on Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 at 10:43 pm and is filed under Advocate, Chronic Illness, DisABILITY Advocate.
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I write about my health because Reflect on why you write about your health for 15-20 minutes without stopping.

I began to write about my health as therapy. It felt good to get the feelings about how much my life had changed out my head and onto my blog. At first, I didn’t even know that it was blogging! I found a site on Yahoo and just wrote about whatever came to me. Soon, I realized that I was so negative because people would leave me comments to cheer me up. When I realized that I was such a downer, I wanted to lift up other people’s spirits. There were so many others who had it worse than me. I began to write about funny things that happened to me at a doctor’s office, at home, when I was out. I made fun of myself and ended up laughing at myself too. My negativity began to melt away in real life and my loved ones noticed. Doctors, nurses, patients complimented me for always smiling.

Now, others were coming to my blog to get a laugh or find some inspiration. Realizing that I was helping others made me feel better. My outlook changed. Soon, I had a real blog and then another (this one). I continued to share my positivity. Of course, some days, I had to vent.  Next, I began to research about illnesses and share that info. Comments were left because someone found my post about their rare illness, or because they learned something new.

When I heard about National Invisible Illness Awareness Week, I knew I had to get involved. That’s when my efforts at being a health advocate began in full force. Blogging was one of the best outlets because I could write a heartfelt post and then share it on Twitter, Facebook and forums. When my daughter was diagnosed in late 2010 with chronic health issues, my advocacy efforts increased.

Comments, tweets and other connections help me to continue. If I reach one person, I’ll continue to write about my health.

Why do you write about your health?

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