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Prompt: Open a book. Choose a book and open it to a random page and point to a random phrase. Use that phrase to get you writing today. Write for 15 or 20 without stopping.

The Book: When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit by Judith Kerr

The Phrase: The sun has now disappeared completely and it was dusk. It was hard to see the water and the boat sped through it, except for the foam which flashed white in which little light there was.

As I walked along the pier, I wondered what I would do next. I was alone as alone as I’d felt in forever. There were no tears left, just fear. How would I survive? That thought caused me to stumble and as I caught myself my body went limp. The emotions were overwhelming. But I had to continue on, this night and all of the nights ahead of me.

I picked up my pace and walked off the wooden pier to the small town. It was late and quiet and I was lost in thought. A man selling fresh fish was closing down his stall. I stopped to ask if I could buy something. My stomach was growling. He wrapped up some small sardines and some other small fish and gave them to me waving away the cash I tried to give him. Could he see my sadness, my dread? I thanked him and walked on to reach my home, wondering if I’d have the energy to cook a meal for myself.

When I arrived home and opened my door, I gasped. The room looked so large without my husband and daughter sitting by the light reading. Instead it was a massive, cold place, where I wanted to escape from, not walk into. Forcing those thoughts out of my mind, attempting to erase them, I shuffled in and went to the kitchen. While pouring myself a glass of water, I started the stove. The cooking began and was done out of routine. Placed on one plate instead of three, I ate by the light and read. I missed the conversation, the laughter, the togetherness. And felt abandoned. Tomorrow I will imagine my family making a home for me. Tonight I will sleep on my side of the bed expecting my husband’s warm body to lie down on the other side.




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