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Prompt: Write a descriptive portrait of your community. Share qualities that make them, them – and include an image! (A photo or creative work of /about them!)

The autoimmune disease community is made up of people of all ages, but mainly adults, all races, backgrounds and both male and female. Some of us have been diagnosed with one autoimmune disease, others with 2 or more. We know that our medical condition is most likely chronic. For some of us, it makes us ponder how our own body works.


Autoimmune means that your body is fighting against itself. For example, with Sjogren’s Syndrome your body fights against the glands that produce tears and saliva. It can be a strange feeling knowing this, but we take part in medical studies so more can be learned about these types of conditions.

We are fighters. Even though most of us deal with fatigue we don’t give up helping others and working with our doctors to help ourselves. We share what we know with others who are going through the same thing as us. We form support groups, ask for new legislation for research and we donate our time and money to organizations that support autoimmune diseases.

We are partners. Once we can deal with our diagnosis or diagnoses, we feel the need to help others get the facts, find resources and be able to voice their concerns. We understand what is means hurt and/or be tired all the time, to be depressed and scared, and to feel alone.

We have compassion. We can empathize with people more easily, even those that aren’t sick.

We are hopeful. We hope for better treatments and try medications to lessen our symptoms. We don’t want the same for next generation.

I chose a quilt to symbolize the autoimmune community because although we are different in many ways, we come together to make things better for ourselves and for others. – image source

I am participating in WEGO’s Advocating For Another Carnival. To learn more about it, visit

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