Please contact Connie Roberts (ConnieFoggles),  for reviews of health related products, giveaways, sponsored posts, banners, link ads and other advertisements on this blog, My Chronic Life. Please note that  hands on product reviews are done here where Connie, her family or friends  will use the product.  Original photos and videos are used whenever possible.

There is a schedule of fees for each category of work and you will be provided with that with upon your request.

Connie also seeks to work with your brand on her blog, at conferences and local events in the Tampa, St. Pete or Orlando area.

Please contact Connie Roberts at conniefoggles(at)gmail(dot)com

See Connie’s Online Business Card and Sponsorships pages for details about her Social Media reach and her other blogs.

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  1. hey my name is diana altamirano and i am 13 years old and i have mythinia gravis and it has been really hard on me and my parents as a teen its hard for me to not be able to do things teens my age do
    but i am getting use to living like life has been hard on me but every day i just thank got that i am still alive and if their is anybody out there who has the same thing do not be shy because i really need someone to share what i fell and be able to have a fiend with the same thing as i do

    comment by DIANA — September 21, 2011 @ 9:57 pm

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