Any Way To Measure Thyroid Levels In San Jose

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Shoulder Pain

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The pain has been getting worse. It hurts when I use my left arm and when I sleep on my left side. I’ve had shoulder pain for years, but this is different. It’s lingering and the one side is much more sore than the other. I’ve mentioned it to my Rheumatologist, who has given me light exercises to do. He’s also given me trigger point injections numerous times.

Since I refuse to take narcotic pain medications, I use Biofreeze to relieve pain and do my deep breathing when it feels like it’s getting overwhelming. I try to remember not to use my left arm to carry anything heavy too. Believe me, when I do by accident, I switch arms right away.

I have a feeling that it’s a rotator cuff injury or something that may require more than the treatment I’m currently using because the pain is not getting any better. As much as I try to push those negative thoughts away, they’re there, just like I would get addicted to pain medications if I took them.  I’ve seen this happen too often, even in my own family and it scares me. Plus I don’t like the way I act on narcotics. Thankfully, there are free drug rehab programs that help with this type of addiction. But I won’t take any chances. For now, I’ll continue with the trigger pain injections, the exercises, the gel and the deep breathing. Thank you very much.

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Menopause Information Website

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Sharing information about health related sites is one of the purposes of this blog. When I learned about a website devoted to menopause, its symptoms and treatments, I wanted to bring attention to it. was created for women going through menopause, perimenopause and post menopause. Besides informational articles, the website has a forum and groups, where you can get to know others going through similar situations.

Symptoms of Menopause

There are many different symptoms (35) of menopause and they can vary from woman to woman. It’s important to know about these symptoms so that you’ll know if you are indeed beginning menopause. Hot flashes, night sweats, loss of libido, weight gain and anxiety are some menopause symptoms. When women are in the stage approaching menopause – perimenopause – these symptoms can be very intense. During perimenopause, irregular periods can begin. That is usually when a woman knows that something is different is happening with her body. Whenever your periods change, it is important to see your doctor to rule out other causes.

Treatments of Menopause Symptoms

If the symptoms of menopause become disruptive to your life, i.e. you miss work days or night sweats keep you awake frequently, you may wish to seek treatment. You also may want to treat one specific symptom that is bothersome, such as vaginal dryness. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) was long used as a treatment for menopause. Because of the health risks associated with it, though it very rarely prescribed by doctors. Herbal treatments have gained popularity. These include, black cohash and soy. Prescriptions, such as antidepressants may help women cope with symptoms as well.

Lifestyle Changes

Because your body is going through the hormonal imbalance of menopause, making lifestyle changes can help alleviate symptoms and health risks that can occur during or after menopause. Stop smoking, eat a healthy diet, exercise, and build up a support system are some of the top recommendations. Visiting and joining the community of Got Menopause provides the information you need and the support you need during this time in your life.

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MDA Flu Shot Program Begins

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The MDA has partnered with Walgreens for their Flu Shot Program. Since getting the flu can cause serious complications to those of us who have a Muscular Dystrophy diseases, the MDA offers free flu shots through a voucher program for members who do not have health insurance to cover the vaccination.  The flu shot is the best form of prevention.

Getting vaccinated against the flu is crucial to the health of people with a neuromuscular disease. It’s also necessary for family members and other close contacts to get the flu shot. The MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) also offers discount coupons for family members and caregivers of members. The cost with the coupon is $26. This is a new addition to the MDA’s Flu Shot Program this year.

MDA Flu Shot Program

Please check with your doctor before getting the shot, especially if you have Myasthenia Gravis, polymyositis, dermatomyositis, or take immune-suppressing medications. Also, the intranasal form of the vaccine is not recommended for people who have a neuromuscular disease.

You can redeem your voucher or coupon at any Walgreens and Duane Reade pharmacies, including Take Care Clinics. Thank you to the MDA and to Walgreens for providing a much needed service.


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Venus Williams Diagnosed With Sjogren’s Syndrome

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Venus Williams withdrew from the US Open because of her diagnosis of Sjogren’s Syndrome. Her decision to drop out of the US Open came at the last minute, when she was having trouble lifting her arms. Ms. Williams stated in an interview on Good Morning America that she hasn’t been feeling well for a while. She complained of not having stamina, but there was no diagnosis from that. Then she began having difficulty breathing and was diagnosed with Asthma, but medications to treat Asthma didn’t work.

Venus Williams plays Vera Dushevina on the ope...

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Over the summer, her joints began to hurt and change shape. She lost the feeling in her hands, which began to swell and feel numb. The overwhelming fatigue began to interfere with playing tennis as well. Then the dry eyes and mouth became noticeable. With these symptoms, she was able to get a diagnosis. Venus William has begun treatment for Sjogren’s Syndrome and hopes to go back to tennis again, but admits that she doesn’t know what her future holds. She is like me learning to live with Sjogren’s Syndrome.

Ms. Williams is knowledgeable about the symptoms of Sjogren’s Syndrome. She stated, “If you have joint pain, dry eyes, dry mouth and feel like you wake up with a cold every morning, but you don’t have one, then you know something is wrong.” She understands that this is a chronic illness without a cure, but that treatment is available. It’s good to know that Venus Williams has come forward with her diagnosis and is helping to share information with the public. I wish her the very best.

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August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month

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Children’s Eye Health and Safety month occurs while parents are getting children ready for back to school. Many children get physicals at this time of year, and vision screening should be part of this check up. These screenings are usually checking for cataracts, checking eye movement and eye alignment, and having a child reading from a chart to check for nearsightedness and farsightedness.  The American Optometric Association recommends vision screenings in children before the age of 1, and at 3 and 5 years. Unfortunately, some insurance programs don’t include vision screenings.

Children can be put at a disadvantage in school if they have a vision problem that is not diagnosed and treated. Parents and teachers should look for the signs of eye problems in children: (from Children’s Vision Information Network)

  • Difficulty copying from the chalkboard
  • Headaches that accompany reading and writing
  • Burning, itching, watery eyes
  • Holds books (or objects) close to eyes
  • Tilts head to read
  • Bumps into things, knocks things over

Some schools provide vision screenings each year for students, and if a problem is found parents are notified. If you do not have insurance coverage for vision screenings either with a pediatrician, optometrist or opthamologist, The Prevent Blindness America Organization has a list of specific vision programs and a list for individual states.

Do you have a child with vision problems? How was the diagnosis made?

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