Furbabies Help Me Feel Better

Posted by Connie on Wednesday, August 6th, 2008 at 3:46 pm and is filed under Chronic Illness, Little Bit Fur Baby, Pets.
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Our two cats Little Bit and Lacy can sometimes be my saving grace when I’m too sick to do anything. Lacy is our adopted outdoor cat that we cannot get to enter our home. She will come into the garage though.

If I’m in a bad flare and need to get something in the garage she’ll use that sense of knowing that I’m feeling awful and come over to me and rub up against my legs. This is very unusual Lacy behavior.

When I’m using my couch as my best friend or so sick that I’m in bed, Little Bit is curled up with me. He seems to know where I hurt and either avoids that area or if I need a some heat for sore muscles, he’s my heating pad.

I know lots of people with chronic illnesses that rely on pets to get through the rough times and to enjoy the good times. You can count me as one of them.

There are a lot of other people who love their furbabies on a Pet Social Network called Zootoo. You’ll find ways to donate money to local animal shelters and rescue groups. For every person that registers on their site one pound of pet food is donated to homeless pets. You can meet people by area, by pets in common and other similarities. There’s pet items to review, groups to join and events to learn about.

Everything you take part of on Zootoo helps pets! Joining is easy and being a part of this online network is a lot of fun too.

Count Your Blessings

Posted by Connie on Saturday, April 5th, 2008 at 8:37 pm and is filed under Chronic Illness, Family Life, Little Bit Fur Baby.
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One of the best things that has happened to me since getting sick is feeling like every day is a blessing. I know that sounds like a cliche but it’s true for me. I love looking out the window to watch the birds, cuddling with my daughter, being able to attend church services, enjoying food that I’ve never eaten before, watching my furbaby Little Bit slide on our floor, watching the sunset, etc.

I don’t need expensive things any more. I can do quite well with spending time with my family and friends in my messy house, laughing and having fun together. I don’t need to visit Caribbean villa rentals. I can stay home and curl up on the couch to read a book or listen to some music. I can play board games with my youngest daughter or talk to my oldest daughter on the phone. These are some of my favorite things!

Checking It Twice

Posted by Connie on Monday, December 3rd, 2007 at 3:05 pm and is filed under Family Life, Little Bit Fur Baby, Shopping.
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Christmas is almost here. In fact there’s only 22 days left! Hubby and I are getting our last minute gifts and we want to get them quickly and easily.

We still need to buy for our fur baby Little Bit. We’d love to shop at the Holiday Store at PETCO and save some money too. For my Mom and Aunt we’ve been thinking of getting them a year subscriptions to Blockbuster Online.

At finding promo codes all in one place make shopping for Christmas easy especially for someone like me who really doesn’t like to be in stores with large crowds. This time of year it’s highly likely for me to get sick.

Gotta Pamper My Fur Baby

Posted by Connie on Friday, August 31st, 2007 at 12:00 am and is filed under Little Bit Fur Baby.
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I’ve been bragging about my Little Bit. He’s been so kind to me and Peanut while we’ve been sick – me most of the time, Peanut – for a few days just recently with a fever. Even today Peanut got a nasty cut on her knee and she was crying when it was time to take her bath. Guess who sat in the bathroom with her? Yup, our fur baby.

He deserves some love and pampering. I found this site Internet Pet Emporium that really lets you go all the way in making your pet feel like a bona-fied member of the family. I mean who doesn’t want to make sure their cat or dog has a comfy place to sleep and a snazzy feeding bowl or some cool dog clothing?

The cat houses (not those kind) are just too much fun and cozy to choose just one. But if I had to, I’d choose the Cat Hut knowing how Little Bit loves to hang over things like the arms of our couch and the top of my recliner. He also likes to hide out once in a while so this would be just right for him. It would be like his own permanent paper bag but not so noisy for us. And our couch may last a bit longer than expected.

These feeders are just right for us since we travel so often. Little Bit can be fed 2 meals a day so he won’t stuff himself on all the food at one time. We can choose the 48 hour feeder or the 5 meal feeder. Choices, choices! The great thing about these are they are run on batteries. Living in Florida and having lightning storms so often, our electricity often is out. We’d feel safe and secure knowing that our cat was being fed just in case this happened.

You’ve just got to see this! Pet Stroller

Pet strollers have got to be the cutest items The Internet Pet Emporium carries. I’ve never seen anything like this except when I was a little girl. I had a friend that would dress up her cat in doll clothes and take her out in a baby stroller. I know Little Bit wouldn’t have anything to do with this but I’m sure there are plenty of other pets that would. All I can say is, “How cute!”