Shoulder Pain

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The pain has been getting worse. It hurts when I use my left arm and when I sleep on my left side. I’ve had shoulder pain for years, but this is different. It’s lingering and the one side is much more sore than the other. I’ve mentioned it to my Rheumatologist, who has given me light exercises to do. He’s also given me trigger point injections numerous times.

Since I refuse to take narcotic pain medications, I use Biofreeze to relieve pain and do my deep breathing when it feels like it’s getting overwhelming. I try to remember not to use my left arm to carry anything heavy too. Believe me, when I do by accident, I switch arms right away.

I have a feeling that it’s a rotator cuff injury or something that may require more than the treatment I’m currently using because the pain is not getting any better. As much as I try to push those negative thoughts away, they’re there, just like I would get addicted to pain medications if I took them.  I’ve seen this happen too often, even in my own family and it scares me. Plus I don’t like the way I act on narcotics. Thankfully, there are free drug rehab programs that help with this type of addiction. But I won’t take any chances. For now, I’ll continue with the trigger pain injections, the exercises, the gel and the deep breathing. Thank you very much.

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Can You Zinc Away A Cold?

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Can Zinc get rid of a cold? A new report by published by the Cochrane Group reviewed 15 studies with 1,360 participants states that using zinc during the first few days of a cough or runny nose may experience less severe colds and may shorten the time their colds last.

It doesn’t matter what form of zinc you use, lozenges, syrup or tablets. Unfortunately there is no recommended dose, but it is known that taking more than 40 milligrams per day can cause side effects, some of them serious. Also, zinc nasal sprays should not be used because they have been known to cause loss of smell.

More research is expected to get the proper information, but some doctors, including Dr. David Rakel, MD, director of integrative medicine at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, says, “zinc looks pretty promising. We need to take precautions, particularly with long-term use, but I’d still recommend it to my patients at the first sign of cold symptoms.” according to CNN’s blog Paging Dr. Gupta.

As for me, I’ll check with my doctors first and then and give Zinc a try. Because of taking immunosuppressant medications, when I get the common cold or any type of illness, I stay sick for a long time. If I can get better faster all the better! I hate being in bed feeling awful. I do all kinds of things to keep my mind off of the symptoms, watch TV, shop online for Limoges boxes and clothes and try to read if possible.

Getting better faster with Zinc would let me get back to being the mom and wife I want to be and would let me enjoy life. I could go out for walks, go out to eat and buy those pick me ups – shoes, purses and gifts, especially this special music box for that certain someone.

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