Furbabies Help Me Feel Better

Posted by Connie on Wednesday, August 6th, 2008 at 3:46 pm and is filed under Chronic Illness, Little Bit Fur Baby, Pets.
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Our two cats Little Bit and Lacy can sometimes be my saving grace when I’m too sick to do anything. Lacy is our adopted outdoor cat that we cannot get to enter our home. She will come into the garage though.

If I’m in a bad flare and need to get something in the garage she’ll use that sense of knowing that I’m feeling awful and come over to me and rub up against my legs. This is very unusual Lacy behavior.

When I’m using my couch as my best friend or so sick that I’m in bed, Little Bit is curled up with me. He seems to know where I hurt and either avoids that area or if I need a some heat for sore muscles, he’s my heating pad.

I know lots of people with chronic illnesses that rely on pets to get through the rough times and to enjoy the good times. You can count me as one of them.

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