And How Was Your Christmas?

Posted by Connie on Friday, December 26th, 2008 at 10:48 pm and is filed under Family Life.
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Did you have a good Christmas? Did you spend time with your family and loved ones? I did have a good day and it was so nice to be with my family, to see the joy of the day written all over my younger daughter’s face and to be blessed with decent enough health to be up and around for the day.

My older daughter was not able to be home with us this year but will be joining us soon. And my Aunt feel on Sunday night and broker her shoulder and cheek bone. Not having either of them with us made the day a bit sad but having my 10 year old daughter brightened it up for us.

I hope that your day was filled with joy, peace and time to spend counting your blessings.

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New Attitude

Posted by Connie on Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008 at 2:14 am and is filed under Healthy or Not, Loving Life.
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An attitude adjustment has been necessary for some time now. I’ve noticed that I linger on things, harbor them inside for a long time which causes me who knows how much stress and anxiety. In the end all this does is make me sicker. Do I need or want sicker? No thank you!

So my attitude adjustment comes via realizing that my mother is 79 years old, my oldest daughter will soon be 22 and is getting married next year, my other daughter is almost 10 and my life is flashing before my eyes. Instead of focusing on the hurtful things I want to put my energy into the loving moments and create more of them.

I’ve begun to find small ways to be more kind to my family. I believe that I am more caring and considerate of other people than the dearest and most loved people in my life. It was an easy habit for me to get into. I always try to smile and not complain about things but when I’m home or talking on the phone to family and friends, I let it all go. They hear all about my problems, how much I hurt and I feel it’s acceptable to get angry with them because they love me and should understand.

As tough as this is, I’m trying my best to stop. I’ve asked my husband to call me out on it when I start. If I’m not happy about something I can quietly talk to him about it but not let him take the brunt of everything. I do need an outlet for my feelings so I plan on using my blog, or a journal, prayer and as I said talking over things with family, but not barraging them with complaints.

I feel better already just recognizing this and wanting to work on it.

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Working Out The Kinks

Posted by Connie on Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008 at 12:53 am and is filed under Healthy or Not, Loving Life.
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What a day it’s been. I hardly had any sleep the past few nights and my body was telling me that it’s time to slow it down, but I had already made plans to volunteer at my daughter’s school to help with the Christmas shop. This is a place where the children can buy presents for their family. The items don’t cost very much and the teachers and volunteers help to make sure that they are not overspending or buying for themselves.

Today was the first day and it wasn’t very busy, but we still had a few classes come in mainly to look at what was available. It wasn’t very hard work but I came in tired and left extra tired. I also had my support group scheduled but no one had said they were coming. I left a message at the church that I was across the street in case someone showed up.

I had a few errands to run after the school time. I had no choice but to do them. I knew if I went home I’d just fall asleep so it was better to move around. I busied myself until it was time to pick up my daughter from school and then I just drove over there and sat in the car in line. I felt myself falling asleep a few times, but thank goodness she was in the car very quickly.

My body was aching when I got home so I did some stretches to work out the kinks. It felt good to just let my muscles stretch out. After getting snacks for me and my daughter and helping her with some homework, I ended up taking a short nap.

I spent some time watching tv and relaxing tonight. I knew I did a lot of walking today so sitting was a good idea. Now I’m just going to work a little while longer and get that good night’s rest that I need.

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A Mom With Special Needs Child In Need

Posted by Connie on Sunday, November 30th, 2008 at 10:49 pm and is filed under Cancer, Family Life.
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As a mom who has many health issues that cause me to have problems parenting I can relate just a bit to what Kelly is going through. Kelly was diagnosed with Leukemia on Thanksgiving Day. She has been hospitalized ever since and will be so for at least a month.

Kelly’s daughter Jenelle has a rare form of Epilepsy, called Lennox Gastaut Syndrome. Her seizures are not easily controlled and she has many other health problems and developmental issues too. Imagine how difficult it must be for Kelly to be sick and away from Jenelle?

I can’t even think about it, but Kelly is being as strong as possible as you can see from her blog Jenelle’s Journey.

Now here’s the really important part, we can do something to help Kelly, Jenelle, her son, and her husband. We can pray and send good thoughts their way. And we can join Bonnie from Autism Family Adventures by donating some money to purchase some gift cards. The family needs help with groceries, gas to travel back and forth to the hospital and some gifts for the children to help them through this difficult time.

Even a few dollars will help and you’ll feel so much better by doing this.

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