Mammogram Didn’t Hurt

Posted by Connie on Tuesday, March 10th, 2009 at 10:29 pm and is filed under Health Information, Loving Life.
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Today was my annual mammogram. I absolutely hate having this test done. I can handle pain, since I live with it on a constant basis. IV’s, no big deal anymore. Pain injections into my joints, hah! But since I’ve had my thymectomy, which is just like open heart surgery, well my chest was cracked and opened and I have a huge zipper scar, going through a mammogram has been torture.

I was told that because it takes a long time for the scar and the muscles to fully heal, the positioning and pulling of a mammogram can be very painful. The first one after the surgery was the worst. I was actually crying, not from my boobs being squashed, but from the chest wall muscles being pushed and pulled. Each year after it was just a little bit better.

Today was the first year it didn’t hurt. When I told the technician, she said that I’d probably have to go through it again. She figured she didn’t “compress” me enough. But after waiting a few minutes, I was told the films were fine. I was done for another year!

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The Weather and Fibro

Posted by Connie on Sunday, December 21st, 2008 at 5:56 pm and is filed under Chronic Illness, Health Supplies Equipment.
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Does the weather affect how you feel if you have fibromyalgia? Can you tell if it’s going to rain a few days in advance without watching the weather on the news? Do you feel more achy if it’s cold? What about if you have arthritis?

If this a problem for you, what do you do to feel better besides taking medicine? Have you tried any kind of salves or creams? Do you use a heating pad or an electric blanket?

I like to use the rice filled heating pads that you put in the microwave. They ease a lot of the muscular pain I feel when I’m cold or when the weather is damp. It also helps me when I’m just in pain even without the weather being out of whack.

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